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Have you ever had one of those phenomenal experiences that you try to explain to others but find that you cannot adequately describe it? That is exactly what the Great Wall of China Marathon has been for the Fitness Edge crew. Over 20 brave souls set out to conquer either the half or the full marathon on the wall on May 1, 2015. Both courses were not for the faint of heart, encompassing 21.1 and 42 km respectively and over 20,000 stairs. Today, the wall rounds out at a total distance of about 6,200 km. The crew, who on a normal...

Rashed Al Shamsi in a Fit mood to celebrate national day... 

7 Exercises representing each of the UAE Emirates. 

43 KB Swings (40lb) 
43 Push-ups 
43 Deadlifts (60kg) 
43 Burpees 
43 Shoulder Presses (30kg) 
43 KB Goblet Squats (25kg) 
43 V- Sits 


Hayley Fisher: "I reckon with the right attitude, you can get it done. Its just a matter of putting in some quality time and effort. Here is one of my favourite home workouts when I am pressed for time. It can take anything from 7-20minutes depending on how many sets you want to do".


My Quick and Easy Workout

45sec work - 10sec rest

1. Skipping

2. Prisoner Squats

3. Dumbbell Curl & Jerks

4. Box Jumps

5. Hand Release Pushups

6. Kettlebell Swings

7. Suicide Pushups

Rest for 1minute and repeat.


Checkout the video, give it a try and have fu...

Simba Chikona (NIALA News Write Up):

I am not quite a fan of the “starting a diet” or “going on a diet” concept, in my experience that is always a short term and often times quite an extreme - quick fix solution people seek.


A positive lifestyle transformation is more of a commitment to replace all the bad habits with more positive ones, for your improved health and wellness. Here are some of the most common issues I have come across when people want to change their nutritional habits and become more active;


No clear goals

If it...

Simba Chikona: I have always enjoyed a good challenge, pushing myslef mentally and physically to the limit. My body tends to react positively to all the challenges i take on, and I find each challenge leaves me a much stronger person both mentally and physically.



Up until my mid twenties, my main motivation for training was to stay in top shape for rugby. Since I have stopped playing rugby, i refused to be that guy telling the same story of "how fit they used to be". So now I train for life and chose a career path that gets me...

Carol Everett: Back in October 2013, Simba came up with a mad plan- Let’s get some teams together and do the Wadi Bih Adventure in February 2014. Madness. We might be able to manage a 1 mile fitness test run but 72km is stretching a little further.


The great thing though, about Fitness Edge, Simba and his lovely wife Hayley is that they motivate you into believing nothing is impossible and that however long it takes, the finish line can be reached.


So five teams of five - men, women and children were enlisted, teams were strate...

My name is Karen Lake and I am a 28 year old Canadian, teaching in the UAE. For the past 2 years or so, I have been on a journey to improve my overall health, level of fitness and to get to a healthy body weight. I think it is first important to note the use of the word 'journey.' I did not call it a diet or a workout plan because those things are temporary. They are usually unsustainable because they do not fit all patterns of life. We go on vacation and 'blow our diet' by eating at the buffet 3 times a day. We fail in our wor...

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