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Wadi Bih Adventure 2014

Carol Everett: Back in October 2013, Simba came up with a mad plan- Let’s get some teams together and do the Wadi Bih Adventure in February 2014. Madness. We might be able to manage a 1 mile fitness test run but 72km is stretching a little further.
The great thing though, about Fitness Edge, Simba and his lovely wife Hayley is that they motivate you into believing nothing is impossible and that however long it takes, the finish line can be reached.
So five teams of five - men, women and children were enlisted, teams were strategically handpicked by Simba and team names constructed. And then the time came. Some headed up and camped in Oman by the start line. Some stayed in luxury at the Rotana but the main thing was we were all there to test our strength, together.
It was an amazing day as we headed through to the start line, still dark but as the first runners headed through the Wadi the sun rose on a beautiful day. Throughout the race there was always superb encouragement both from our fellow teams and from strangers. All gathered to accomplish the same goal.
This is a tough challenge, made slightly easier by the car boot coming pre-packed with snacks and fluids. Nothing would stand in the way of the finish line, not even a car that wouldn’t go up a hill. All Fitness Edge competitors gave a 100% of determination, friendship and laughter. It was truly a magical event, making new friends, pushing each other to the next pit stop and admiring the scenery, which in itself was breathtaking.
All teams crossed the finish line, all with respectable times. But it wasn’t about the time; it was about the taking part, showing what is possible and being a role model for others to get out there and have fun. Simba shows us that enjoying life to the full, with like minded people, makes for a fantastic and rewarding experience.
Re-match next year anyone?
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