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DFC Weekly Sprint Challenge

Simba Chikona: I have always enjoyed a good challenge, pushing myslef mentally and physically to the limit. My body tends to react positively to all the challenges i take on, and I find each challenge leaves me a much stronger person both mentally and physically.

Up until my mid twenties, my main motivation for training was to stay in top shape for rugby. Since I have stopped playing rugby, i refused to be that guy telling the same story of "how fit they used to be". So now I train for life and chose a career path that gets me to help others do the same. It's just my passion.

I have participated in fitness challenges, obstacle races, triathlons, half marathons, etc... This year the Dubai Fitness Championship under the patronage of HH Sheikh Majid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has been hosting weekly competitions every Friday. So if you happen to be in Dubai on a Friday and fancy getting a good, quick and challenging workout in. Just follow the DFC's instagram page and they will keep you posted.

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