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Strength & weight training have huge benefits for women as they get older.

As a personal trainer I often hear from clients that they think they are too old to do certain things regarding training, or there’s no point because of age.

There are many reasons why strength training can benefit anyone. It gets more important and beneficial the older we get, and especially for women who age gracefully.

When women get closer to the age of 40 a lot of biological changes appear, due to hormonal changes and indirect weight gains.

This means:

  • Our bodies start to lose muscle mass which indirectly reduce the metabolic rate.

  • We start to lose bone mass and bone density which makes us more prone to injuries.

  • Body fat and the visceral fat increases by the time menopause is attained and increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer.

  • During menopause the ovaries stop making estrogen , when this happens the production of cortisol and insulin increase which leads to fat gain.

  • Changes in sleep patterns due to menopause contribute to lower energy levels and fatigue which can lead to increased levels of cortisone and again fat gain.

Strength training for women over 40 helps to:

  • re-build muscle tissue and increase bone density.

  • prevent diabetes

  • lower cholesterol levels and counteracts high blood pressure

  • decrease the risk of osteoporosis

  • decrease arthritis

  • prevent depression

  • increase pain resistance

  • improving oxygen supply to cells which has anti ageing benefits

  • prevent dementia

  • reduce stress

  • boost the immune system

Your body will be stronger, leaner and make you feel more energetic helping you to cope better with carrying your kids, groceries, climbing stairs and much more. Strength training will also keep your tendons, ligaments and joints healthy.

You will stimulate and activate your brain which stimulates the nervous system and increases the balance and coordination. When you get older this will help prevent you from falling and get a fracture, if the bone isn’t strong enough.

Keep on training or start exercising because the benefits are many and most of all it improves the quality of life!

Don’t let age be an excuse - it’s just an excuse!


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