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GYM GUIDE | 3 Beginner Mistakes to Avoid


Do no ego lift, or at least do not put your ego ahead of learning the basics of any movement and progress with the right technique and form. Not only are you prone to injuries, but you'll not be subjecting your muscles to their maximum performance since you will be unable to control the selected weight using the right technique and full range of motion. Therefore, usage of Comfortable weight helps stimulate the target muscle... as well as scaling any of the movement appropriately and build yourself up. Our coaches are always happy to help you through the process. Always leave your ego at the door!


Don't intimidated by the big and buff gym guys that appear to be more experienced or know more about training than you do. In everything we do in life, we all have to start from somewhere. When I started training, I remember I could barely bench a bar; and when I looked around and seeing how everyone else was lifting some way heavy weights; I felt supper embarrassed especially when it feels like everyone else around is watching you struggle with a mere bar. Well, first and foremost, be sure that they all started right from where you are now. So small steps and focus yourself on the end goal and with no time, the "big guys" will start asking for your tips. You are on your own journey and always remind yourself of why you started.

3. CONSISTENCY & DISCIPLINE (The Inconsistencies in Training)

I consider this as the backbone and the most important one because it's what most beginners struggle with in their first days/months of training.

The inconsistency comes in because mostly we get blinded by what we see in other people and the social medias too hence expecting quick fixes once they start training; And once they don't see any form of results in their first month of training, they start lacking the motivation of moving on and lots of procrastinations. Once they start to understand that it's a process which takes time, dedication, discipline and consistency, that's when they'll start exercising Patience and just make it part of their lifestyles.

Fact is, We all want to look good like our favourite Fitness Celebrities and Influencers, but we forget that it took them years of pure Consistency Hard work

Well, don't give up too soon and trust the process. Make it a Lifestyle and believe in your every small step and achievements. And be proud of the journey.

If you are looking to get started on your fitness journey or training program, please feel free to get in touch and our lovely team will be more than happy get you started and guide you to success and achieve the results you deserve.

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