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"Healthy" Summer Travel Tips

The summer holidays are here and you are in the best shape of your life. You have been training and worked so hard to be in the best shape for your summer holidays.

Holidays come around, then what... your regular weekly routine breaks as you are busy traveling, sleeping in, festive feasting and catching up with friends and family over drinks, picnics, lunches and dinners ? Essentially a complete break from your disciplined and regular routine that has helped stay in shape and in good health. It's great to unwind and have a good time over the summer holidays, but not at the detriment of your health and losing all the progress you have made and worked so hard for. Here are 7 tips that will help you maintain your fitness and stay in shape over the holidays: 1. Airport Walks If you are doing a lot of traveling, walk around and explore the airport and do some window shopping or picking up some gift items for yourself, friends and family. Long layovers are also great to explore the city. The idea is to basically get moving, staying active and keep that metabolism up while getting fair bit of cardio exercise in. Doing this will be so much more beneficial than sitting around at the airport waiting on your next flight. 2. Gym Drop In Most gym in any part of the world would be more than happy to cater for new faces on holiday. You could just get in a good workout on a complimentary trial pass or a drop in option for a few days while you are in the area. Obviously great to get your workout in a gym setting which might a bit more familiar, while also getting to experience different gym culture and meeting a new network like minded fitness enthusiasts. Most gyms are very welcoming and can workout a package that caters for the time your are in town. 3. Bicycle Sightseeing Getting on a bike is another way to enjoy a fair bit of sightseeing while keeping you fitness going. Cycling is an amazing exercise to improve and maintain your cardiovascular fitness, improved strength especially in the legs. Jump on a bike and explore the city, it should be a lot of fun.

4. Swimming It's summer anyway, you will be more than likely be visiting the beach or swimming pool just to cool down. Make sure you get in a fair amount of swimming as exercise. If you are not a great swimmer yet, with so much time on hand, this is a fantastic opportunity to take some lessons and learn how to swim. Swimming is a great recreational activity for all ages, a low impact activity that get's your entire body moving, burns tons of calories. Swimming offers great way to relax as well as immense fitness benefits. 5. Plan Active Vacations A good way to keep up that fitness on holiday would be to intentionally plan an active vacation. Join a race, fitness competition or go on a hiking trip. This will help you maintain your focus and discipline for the most part. You keep up with your fitness as well as an improved mindset especially if the activities might require a degree of mental fortitude and stepping out of your comfort zone. If done with friends or in a group, it will be an amazing teambuilding and social networking opportunity.

6. Pack Snacks Packing snacks while you are out and about is a great way to ensure you do not end up indulging in convenient and comfort foods. Prepare foods that are rich in nutrients, fruits, nuts and biltong are great and one can always pack in some sandwiches and salads as well. This is great for your health and budget as well.

7. Carry Water

Carrying water will surely help you stay hydrated in the summer heat and also keeping cravings at bay. Water should be your go to refreshment and limiting other sugar and carb laden refreshment drinks that would be readily available. Stay happy, healthy and active this summer. Hope you will find our tips handy. Feel free to reach out to the team for some online training programs, free holiday workouts and health and fitness advice this summer while you are travelling. Happy summer holidays!

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